Marios Zachariadis 
Associate Professor 
Department of Economics 
University of Cyprus 
1678, Nicosia, Cyprus 
e-mail address:
phone: (357) 22 893712

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My research focuses on international macroeconomics and economic growth. In the first instance, I study the determination of international price dispersion focusing on the importance of real factors such as productivity and immigration. In the second instance, I study the sources of economic welfare in frontier and non-frontier economies emphasizing the importance of R&D and international technology diffusion. The latter is key to understanding cross-country health outcomes as a distinct component of welfare other than income.

Working papers

Understanding Law-of-One-Price Deviations across Europe Before and After the Euro (with Marina Glushenkova), September 2014.

Global Versus Local shocks in micro price dynamics (with Philippe Andrade) 2nd round Revised&Resubmitted, Journal of International Economics, July 2014.

Law-of-One-Price Deviations Before and After the Euro: the Case of Cyprus (with Marina Glushenkova), October 2014.


Education Externalities on Longevity (with Francesco Ricci) Economica, 80, 319, 404-440, July 2013.

A Contribution to the Empirics of Welfare Growth (with Konstantinos Vrachimis), The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics, 13(1), 1-32, April 2013.

Immigration and International Prices Journal of International Economics, 87:2 298-311, July 2012.

The Importance of Trade Costs in Deviations from the Law of One Price: estimates based on the Direction of Trade (with Ozlem Inanc) Economic Inquiry, 50:3 667-689, July 2012.

Immigration and International Prices: An initial assessment Economics Letters, 110:2 83-85, February 2011

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Understanding European Real Exchange Rates (with Mario Crucini and Chris Telmer) The American Economic Review, 95:3 724-738, June 2005.

R&D-Induced Growth in the OECD? The Review of Development Economics, 8:3 423-439, August 2004.

R&D, Innovation, and Technological Progress: A test of the Schumpeterian Framework without Scale Effects Canadian Journal of Economics, 36:3 566-586, August 2003.


ECON 606 (International Finance): Syllabus.

ECON 602 (Macroeconomic Theory I): Syllabus.

ECON 317 (Topics on European Economic Integration): Syllabus, Practice Exam, Online Teaching Resources, Europa.

ECON 308 (Economic Development): SyllabusPractice Exam, required textbook: Economic Growth 2/E by David N. Weil.